2013. «KUSI KUSI». Channel branding.

Kusi Kusi is the Children’s programming block on TV Peru that airs weekend mornings. They asked LUMBRE to create an opening and in and out bumpers to unify the various shows in the block and this was right up our alley because of our childlike enthusiasm—or possibly our immaturity.

Kusi Kusi means “party or joy” in Quechua and that is the feeling we wanted to capture. We created tops that spin, bounce and play like children to mirror the excitement and energy of both Kusi Kusi and its audience. We especially enjoyed choosing colors and elements to give the tops a bit of Peruvian flavor.

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Client: TV PERÚ
Production Manager: Cielo Salviolo

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Art Director: Adriana Campos, José Cambariere
Design: Adriana Campos, José Cambariere
Animation: José Cambariere
Additional animation: Silvestre Rendón
Sound design: Ernesto Candenas