Vsevolod Korecky

Vsevolod Korecky
О себе
Greetings! My name is Vsevolod Korecky – I’m 22 years old Sound Architector from Lugansk, Ukraine; and now living in Kiev.
I’m working as: Music Writer | Sound Designer | Composer | Arranger | Audio Engineer.
My skill in music compositing consists of my experience and knowledge that has always been supported by inspiration. I'm writing music in different genres such as: pop, rock, funk, r'n'b, hip-hop and different electronic styles. Also I'm making soundtracks & sound design for games and videos, because this is the way to experiment and discover new sounds, making something unique. Sound Design - is my passion.
Working a lot with vocalists and musicians, gives me a nice opportunity to share experiences with them and consider their own tastes in music, while working on their project. I'm a big fan of vinyls and music of 60's - 80’s.
I'm using audio editing programs like: ProTools, Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, iZotope, Melodyne, NI, Waves.
This is the part of my portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/borodovorot
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phone: +380660106860
email: Koretskiy.13@gmail.com