Asymmetric VFX

Asymmetric VFX
О компании
The Asymmetric VFX Studio (A-VFX) is a Russian leading post production company creating high-end visual effects and CG character animation for the feature film, TV series and TV commercials. As well, studio provide full range of post production services: editing, conform, colour grading and 3D stereoscopic post production.

Asymmetric VFX Studio was started in 2007 in Moscow. Victor Luckysov, one of the partners of well-known Moscow CGI company Dr. Picture Studios with over 10 years’ experience on CGI market organized a new company, relying on the solid & time-proven creative team. We are aspired to develop the studio as a high competitive visual effects and animation production able to produce digital imagery for feature films, 3D animated short films & commercials as well.
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Адрес109052, Москва, Смироноваская, д.25, стр.3, офис 102


A-VFX Film Showreel 'May 2011